Windows Server 2003 End of Life

A few months ago, Microsoft stopped supporting the Windows XP operating System and the Office 2003 suite of applications. Is there anything else that Microsoft is going to stop...

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Update – Internet Explorer Bug – 2014.05.02

Good News! Yesterday Microsoft released a fix for this particular bug, and for all versions of Internet Explorer and Windows, including Windows XP.  If you are using or need...

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Internet Explorer Bug – 2014.05.01

This time, the Internet Explorer Bug. Once again a new security bug has made the news and you may have heard or seen something about it. Update:  This has...

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Heartbleed Bug – 2014.04.11

Most sites have evaluated their infrastructures and identified if the Heartbleed Bug affected them, and most have already updated their systems to prevent being affected going forward.  If you...

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Heartbleed Bug – 2014.04.10

By now may have seen the media talking about the Heartbleed Bug and the message has been doom and gloom and that you should change all your passwords immediately....

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