Internet Explorer Bug – 2014.05.01

This time, the Internet Explorer Bug.

Once again a new security bug has made the news and you may have heard or seen something about it.

Update:  This has been resolved

Here is a link describing the fix: update-internet-explorer-bug-2014-05-02

What is the Internet Explorer Bug and what can it do to me?

There is a recently discovered bug in Internet Explorer that can be used to run malicious code to infect and gain control of your PC. This bug affects all versions of Internet Explorer from 6 to 11. While there is not yet a fix available, one will be provided through your regular Windows Critical updates as soon as it is developed; however, Microsoft is unlikely to release a fix for the older versions of internet explorer, assumed to be versions 6-9, particularly if that older version is being used on Windows XP, which Microsoft has recently stopped supporting.

What can you do to protect yourself?

For the time being, Stop using Internet Explorer.  There are other browsers, than in most cases work better than Internet Explorer.  The two most common ones are Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. We know there are certain things that you do online that REQUIRE using Internet Explorer. If possible wait until a fix has been released to start using Internet Explorer again. If you cannot wait try to do only the things that require Internet Explorer and do all other browsing on alternate browsers.

Where can I get these other browsers?

Google Chrome:
Mozilla Firefox:

 Where can I read more detailed information about this issue?

From Microsoft:
Yahoo! News:
CBC News: