Cloud Services

An Enterprise Grade Cloud Based File Storage and Collaboration System in Canada

Whether you want to move all of your services to the cloud or create a hybrid of cloud and local services it is best to have one of our trained professionals come to your office and work with you to plan a cloud strategy that would best benefit your business. IT cloud computing services allows you to access your network from anywhere and at any time, without having to actually own the hardware. The ability to gain access to the hardware without ownership saves you space and money! Cloud hosting services come equipped with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity making our cloud services reliable, secure, and 100% hosted in Canada! CdnFlag

With AbleIT as your trusted IT partner, you can:

  • Lower IT costs – use it without having to own it! Only pay for what you need and no server, hardware or software costs associated.
  • No Space Needed – You do not need the extra space in your office for equipment since no equipment is required.
  • Instant Accessibility – Access your network from anywhere, on any device, at any time.
  • Protect your business – Built-in disaster recovery and business continuity to protect your data.
  • Ability to scale (up or Down) quickly – Adapt the storage you have to your business needs instantaneously

Services Offered:

►AbleBackup – Proven Online/Offsite Data Backup

►AbleExchange365 – Microsoft 365 Hosted Exchange Email

►AbleOffice365 – Microsoft Office 365

►AbleMX – Advanced Email Protection and Continuity

►AbleDrive – Enterprise Grade File Storage and Synchronization

►AbleVeeam – Veeam Cloud Connect

►AbleIaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) – Virtualized Server Space at Our Secure Datacenter

►AbleDataCenter – Network and Server Co-location to Our Secure Datacenter